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Convention delegates are at the heart of all decisions made at the 2024 Democratic National Convention. In addition to voting for the party’s presidential and vice presidential nominees, delegates will have an opportunity to vote on the party’s platform and resolutions, as well as the rules that govern the party. For more information or to sign up for updates from the national party and convention committee, please visit: or

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DNC 2024


Final Schedule TBD

Aug 18

Travel Day No official events.

Aug 19

Caucus and Evening Events (credentials required).

Aug 20

Caucus and Evening Events (credentials required).

Aug 21

VP Harris accepts nomination.

Aug 22

President Biden accepts nomination (~10pm CT)

Aug 23

Travel Day No official events.

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FAQs answered by the DNCC

The 2024 Democratic National Convention will be held in Chicago.

Read the Democratic National Convention Committee's official answers to your frequently asked questions