Our Mission

To elect democrats across the state of Oklahoma and to educate citizens about the cultural diversity, freedom and equality that the Oklahoma Democratic Party represents.

Oklahoma Democrats are committed to putting the people of Oklahoma first by promoting the values and policies that advance the common good and expand opportunities for every resident of our state. Our values call upon us to make our state the best in the nation.

Protest sign that says "Never above you, never below you, ALWAYS beside you."

Our Theory of Change

As Democrats we believe change happens when we work together, across differences, to create a shared vision for a better future and then actively work towards making that vision a reality.

  • Our theory of change is grounded in the belief that systemic change requires addressing root causes and engaging in intersectional work that tackles issues of equity and justice across a variety of domains.

  • We believe meaningful change comes from building relationships and engaging in community organizing and advocacy efforts that center the voices of those most impacted by the issues we seek to address.

    Our Young Democrats of Oklahoma worked with advocates across the state to successfully petition the state government to stop Julius Jones' execution.
  • We recognize change is not linear. Setbacks and challenges are inevitable, but we are committed to persevering and adapting our approach as needed to achieve our goals.

  • We believe there is room for each and every one of us to help create change. We are committed to providing education, training, and support to empower our members to become effective advocates for justice and equity in their communities.

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Oklahoma Democratic Party

Executive Committee

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Alicia Andrews


Prior to becoming Chair, Alicia served as the Secretary of the Tulsa County Democratic Party while working as a licensed REALTOR™. Her involvement in politics results from her desire to “do something” to make a difference in the world. This desire has evolved into her life motto:

Everyone should have access to the ballot box, be educated when they get there, and have confidence that their vote will count.

She comes from a family of doers and firsts. As the first state party chair of either recognized party of African-American descent, she recognizes both the obligation to make it count and the need to acknowledge those who paved the way. Being the first is not enough. Alicia feels it incumbent upon her to get beyond the first and do something. Currently, that ‘something’ is improving the political discourse in Oklahoma.

Alicia is an active member of the DNC and Association of State Democratic Committees, serving on the Executive Committee as the Vice President of the Midwest Region, the Co-Chair of the Training Committee, and a member of the steering committee of the Rural Council.

Alicia has been featured on CNN, FoxNews, BBC, various Oklahoma-based television stations, Sirius XM, and NPR radio, and in print both internationally and domestically, from the New York Times to the Urdu News in Pakistan.

Alicia is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Following graduation, her work focused on organizational redesign.

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Cory Williams

Vice Chair

Cory T. Williams is an Oklahoma attorney who formerly served in the Oklahoma House of Representatives as the District 34 State Representative from 2009 to 2019.

Born and raised in Stillwater, Cory Williams graduated in 1996 from Stillwater High School. Williams attended Oklahoma State University, where he was an active student leader. Williams completed his B.S. in political science with an emphasis in Applied Politics in 2001 and an M.S. in International Trade and Development from the OSU School of International Studies in 2003. While in graduate school Williams was awarded the Boeing Company Fellowship for his overseas work with American Airlines. He completed his J.D. degree from Oklahoma City University School of Law in 2006.

After completing law school, Cory decide to return to Stillwater in 2006 to raise his sons, Kase and Canton. Currently, Cory runs a law firm in Stillwater and is an active member of the Payne County, Oklahoma and American Bar Associations.

Cory sits on the Board of the Stillwater YMCA, and the Board of the Payne County Youth Shelter.

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Nana Dankwa


Nana Dankwa was born and raised in Oklahoma City. He attended K-12 in the Putnam City School district. After high school, he worked at Dean McGee Eye Institute as a Surgical Technologist for 9 years. After earning his bachelor’s degree in Political Science at UCO, Nana pursued his dream of becoming an attorney. He was admitted to Oklahoma City University School of Law in 2014 and graduated with his Juris Doctorate in 2017. He also obtained his M.B.A. a year later from the Oklahoma City University’s Meinders School of Business.

Nana is a husband, and a father of two raising his family on the Northwest side of Oklahoma City. He is a licensed attorney working in regulatory compliance for financial institutions, including Midfirst Bank and Citigroup.

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Rachael Hunsaker


Rachael Hunsucker from Coweta Oklahoma is serving her third term as ODP Treasurer. She is an accountant for an electronics manufacturing company and a former Executive Director of Operations for a Tulsa non-profit organization. She’s a community activist having served or volunteered her time and resources to organizations like the Child Abuse Network as a board member, the Junior League-Tulsa, which she has volunteered with since 1997 and is a former President. Rachael has also given of her time to the ODP serving on the First Congressional District Resolutions and ODP Finance Committees and representing Wagoner County as her Precinct Chair.

Rachael earned her degree in accounting from Oklahoma State University and has worked for various Tulsa companies in finance and accounting before serving as the Treasurer for the ODP. Her work for the ODP is centered on strengthening the Party’s financial processes and helping to build a permanent, long-lasting financial infrastructure.

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Kalyn Free

National Committeewoman

Kalyn Free is an American attorney, former political candidate, and a tribal citizen of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

Free is a graduate of Southeastern Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma College of Law. After she graduated from law school, she began her legal career with the United States Department of Justice. At the time of her employment, she was the youngest attorney ever hired by the Department of Justice.

There, Free prosecuted federal environmental laws across the country with a special emphasis on tribal lands and even became the first Native American to serve as a supervising attorney in the department.

In 2004 Free ran for U.S. Congress in Oklahoma's 2nd Congressional District.

In 2005 she established a political action committee devoted to electing Native American progressive candidates at the local and state level, INDN's List (Indigenous Native Democratic Network).

Kalyn has been our National Committeewoman since 2019.

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David Walters

National Committeeman

David Walters was the 24th governor of Oklahoma from 1991 to 1995. Born in Canute, Oklahoma, he was a project manager for Governor David Boren and the youngest executive officer working for the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. In 1986, Walters was the Democratic nominee for governor of Oklahoma, but was defeated by Republican Henry L. Bellmon. On November 6, 1990 Walters was elected governor, carrying 75 of the state’s 77 counties.

During his term, education funding increased by approximately 30 percent, and a $350 million bond issue for higher education brought construction and renovation to every state college campus.

Walters did not seek re-election and was defeated in a 2002 campaign for the United States Senate. He is the CEO of Walters Power International, a global provider of local power.

Walters has served as our National Committeeman since 2019.

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Our Member Organizations

Central Committee Members

Check out our Congressional Districts, Federations, & Caucuses

Congressional District 1

Members of ODP Central Committee

Chair | Deme Bereolos
Vice Chair | Khadija Goz
Secretary | Emily Gamel

Congressional District 2

Members of ODP Central Committee

Chair | Rae Ann Wilson
Vice Chair | Tom Brennan
Secretary | Katie Hopper

Congressional District 3

Members of ODP Central Committee

Chair | Sarah Carnes
Vice Chair | Jim Potts
Secretary | Roger Mullins

Congressional District 4

Members of ODP Central Committee

Chair | Kimberly Eaton
Vice Chair | Travis Darling
Secretary | Charles Peaden

Congressional District 5

Members of ODP Central Committee

Chair | Christine Byrd
Vice Chair | Ben Eisenberg
Secretary | Dan Williams

Affirmative Action Committee

Members of ODP Central Committee

Rachel Morse
Matthew Lucas
Amber Jensen
Joshua Harris-Till

Women's Federation

Member of ODP Central Committee

Chair | Bettye Rector

Stonewall Federation

Member of ODP Central Committee

Chair | Tate Freeman

Young Democrats of Oklahoma

Member of ODP Central Committee

Chair | JeKia Harrison

Veterans' Committee

Member of ODP Central Committee

Chair | Rita Maxwell

African-American Federation

Member of ODP Central Committee

Chair | Burlinda Radney

LatinX Federation

Member of ODP Central Committee

Chair | Juanita Sykes-Romo

Disability Federation

Member of ODP Central Committee

Chair | Vacant

Native American Federation

Member of ODP Central Committee

Chair | Anastasia Pittman

Our Central Committee members are volunteers.

Can you spare some change to help them further our work?

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ODP Staff

The Oklahoma Democratic Party Headquarters is located at 3815 N Santa Fe Ave., Suite 122, in Oklahoma City. Our office is staffed year-round by professionals in finance, communications, party affairs, training, data and targeting, to assist party officers, members, and candidates at all levels.

Executive Director

Lauren Craig

Field Director

Krislyn Sherer

Finance Director


Communications Director


Voter File Manager

Josh Miles

Finance Associate


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