Candidates for State Legislature

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State House Candidates

These candidates need your time, donations, and vote!

Photo of <p>Christopher Wier</p>

Christopher Wier

State House district 4

Photo of <p>Crystal Lagrone</p>

Crystal Lagrone

State House district 12

Photo of <p>Rosie Lynch</p>

Rosie Lynch

State House district 16

Photo of <p>Mitchell Jacob</p>

Mitchell Jacob

State House district 20

Photo of <p>Kerri Keck</p>

Kerri Keck

State House district 26

Photo of <p>Trish Ranson</p>

Trish Ranson

State House districT 34

Photo of <p>Doyle Lewis</p>

Doyle Lewis

State House districT 38

Photo of <p>Mike Bockus</p>

Mike Bockus

State House district 41

Photo of <p>Annie Menz</p>

Annie Menz

State House district 45

Photo of <p>Jacob Rosecrants</p>

Jacob Rosecrants

State House district 46

Photo of <p>Allison Offield</p>

Allison Offield

State House district 62

Photo of <p>Shykira Smith</p>

Shykira Smith

State House district 63

Photo of <p>Tom Sutherlin</p>

Tom Sutherlin

State House District 64

Photo of <p><sup>Suzanne Schreiber</sup></p>

Suzanne Schreiber

State House District 70

Photo of <p><sup>Melissa Provenzano</sup></p>

Melissa Provenzano

State House District 79

Photo of <p>Jimmy Lawson</p>

Jimmy Lawson

State House District 83

Photo of <p>Jeremy Lamb</p>

Jeremy Lamb

State House District 84

Photo of <p>Cyndi Munson</p>

Cyndi Munson

State House District 85

Photo of <p>Anne Fite</p>

Anne Fite

State House District 86

Photo of <p>Ellyn Hefner</p>

Ellyn Hefner

State House District 87

Photo of <p>Ellen Pogemiller</p>

Ellen Pogemiller

State House District 88

Photo of <p>Nana Dankwa</p>

Nana Dankwa

State House District 90

Photo of <p>Andy Fugate</p>

Andy Fugate

State House District 94

Photo of <p>Tegan Malone </p>

Tegan Malone

State House District 95

Photo of <p>Cathy Smythe</p>

Cathy Smythe

State House District 98

Photo of <p>Chaunt<span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0)">é</span> Gilmore</p>

Chaunté Gilmore

State House District 100

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State Senate Candidates

These candidates need your time, donations, and vote!

Photo of <p>Jerry Donathan</p>

Jerry Donathan

State Senate District 7

Photo of <p>Regina Goodwin</p>

Regina Goodwin

State Senate District 11

Photo of <p>Elizabeth Foreman</p>

Elizabeth Foreman

State Senate District 15

Photo of <p>Robin Fuxa</p>

Robin Fuxa

State Senate District 21

Photo of <p>Karen Gaddis</p>

Karen Gaddis

State Senate District 25

Photo of <p>Bob Willis</p>

Bob Willis

State Senate District 33

Photo of <p>Jo Anna Dossett</p>

Jo Anna Dossett

State Senate District 35

Photo of <p>Melissa Bryce</p>

Melissa Bryce

State Senate District 39

Photo of <p>Sam Graefe</p>

Sam Graefe

State Senate District 43

Photo of <p>Erin Brewer</p>

Erin Brewer

State Senate District 47